Just a few kilometers from Matera along the Appian Way in one of the ravines that furrow the Murgia plateau you will discover one of the most enchanting places in Southern Italy – the Crypt-Chapel of the Original Sin. In a rocky cavern on the edge of the ravine, the hand of a painter known as “the Flower Painter of Matera” narrated scenes from the Old and New Testaments making up a cycle of wall paintings dating from the 9thC A.D. Rediscovered in May 1963 by a group of young people passionate about the heritage of Matera, it went from being used as shelter for sheep to becoming one of the unmissable sites for anyone visiting Matera. Exemplary restoration work, willed by the Zétema Foundation of Matera and carried out under the supervision of the Central Institute for Restoration, has made it possible for the frescoes to be fully enjoyed once again. Following a light and sound experience, this visit to this so-called “Sistine Chapel of Rupestrian Wall Paintings “ is the perfect fusion of emotion and culture.

Matera and surroundings